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At a Glance

KDR has emerged on one of the leading manufacturers of machined components, steering and suspensions components and their assemblies.

KDR started its journey towards success some years ago on a very small scale, but over the years the group has grown successfully towards new heights and achievements.

The Group has got 2 Forging Units along with modern, machined, unit consisting of latest machine lines of CNC, VMC, HMC etc.

General Principals:

  Develop exceptional people and teams who follow your Company's philosophy.

•  We grow leaders from within rather than recruiting from outside.

•  Always keeping the final target in mind.

•  We see problems as opportunities to train and catch our people.

•  Analyze and understand shortcomings in our capabilities in a reasonable way.

•  Add values to our Group by developing our people and partners.


Our greatest strength is the ability to understand the client goals, our success is very much attributed to strong teamwork, dedication and commitment of each and every member of the KDR family to deliver unsurpassed levels of quality and reliable products and services to the total satisfaction of all our customers.

We are dedicated to achieving excellence in our work.


•  To be among the top most forging companies in the world.

•  To aggressively grow business by accessing global market.

•  To work closely with our customers to meet their needs. Total customer satisfaction through excellence in product quality.

•  To have the international, modern facilities for production.

•  To come up with latest techniques and machinery as per international standards.

•  Introduction of induction heating techniques.

•  Growing together with suppliers and partners for mutual benefit.

•  Adding value to our products.



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